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Always on Top of the Situation

We Solve All HVAC Problems​

Founded by Erik Hohenberger 5 years ago, Viking Air LLC in Blackwood, New Jersey is a veteran-owned-and-operated company. Erik’s HVAC industry experience spans more than 30 years.

Erik has been installing, repairing, and servicing home and business heating and cooling systems since 1988. He graduated from the Lincoln Technical Institute for HVAC in 1989.

Channeling Erik’s immense knowledge and expertise in the field, we serve clients with a high degree of technical competence. Charging affordable service rates only, our technicians offer their expertise in any HVAC equipment type or model.

Our Credentials

      • Annual Industry Trainee
      • Certified HVAC Master
    • Fujitsu Dealer
    • Gibson Dealer
    • Insured and Bonded Service Provider
    • Licensed Universal and Home Improvement Contractor

Our Mission 

We are here to provide top-quality, affordable HVAC services.

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